The once-only home stadiums

Stadiums used only once by the Greek National Team for a home game (in chronological order)

Volos Municipal Stadium, 19.12.1990 Greece 1, Poland 2 (friendly match)
Halkida Municipal Stadium, 24.01.1996 Greece 2, Israel 1 (friendly match)
Kilkis Municipal Stadium, 13.11.1999 Greece 2, Nigeria 0 (friendly match)
Kozani Municipal Stadium, 17.11.1999 Greece 1, Bulgaria 0 (friendly match)
Trikala Municipal Stadium, 18.12.1999 Greece 2, Estonia 2 (friendly match)
Kesariani Athens Municipal Stadium (Mihalis Kritikopoulos), 14.11.2001 Greece 1, Cyprus 2 (friendly match)
Alexandroupolis Municipal Stadium (Fotis Kosmas), 12.05.2002 Greece 3, Romania 2 (friendly match)
Panthessaliko Stadium in Volos, 03.03.2010, Greece 0, Senegal 2 (friendly match)
AEL FC Arena in Larisa, 09.02.2011, Greece 1, Canada 0 (friendly match)

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